When I co-initiated the Wellbeing Movement, I felt nervous I had more questions than answers. When I look back at everything that has unfolded over the past 21 months, I feel grateful I did not have all the answers.

There is a lot that has contributed to this shift in…

It has been four years since I began an annual ritual to pause, look back and reflect on the past year. Unlike my other posts on wellbeing and weaving, this one is personal. I usually think about 3 learnings, practices, and feelings that have stood out to me in the…

Have you ever said to yourself one of these statements?

  • I haven’t seen a doctor in a year. I am well!
  • It is too early to start focusing on wellbeing.
  • I don’t have time/money to work on wellbeing practices.

If yes, then this article may offer you an alternative perspective…

These are difficult times. We all need certain perspectives to help us understand and respond to our reality. I chose five that have worked for me.

Instead of writing an elaborate piece, I thought I will attempt something I have never done before — express through a haiku. In simple…

Kapil Dawda

Weaving for Wellbeing and Transformation of Education | Learner | Community Builder and Facilitator

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